What is known as Belly Dance today has its roots in ancient cultures from North Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

It is a natural form of movement that nurtures creative expression and strengthens women’s self-confidence. After their first class, most students remark having discovered muscles they never knew they had, as the graceful hip drops, rolls and shimmies tone muscle groups in the abdomen, back, arms and legs.
Immersed in the hypnotic rhythm, hardly realizing it, you are revitalizing the mind and treating the body to a great workout.

To me dance is a celebration of life. As Iranians it is an integral part of our culture and a staple in our wonderfully chaotic gatherings. Whether I am performing in a wedding, a birthday party or bridal shower, it is always an honour to share in the celebration that has brought families and friends together. My vision is for women of all cultures and walks of life to enrich their lives through participating in this art form.