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Drum Solo


A powerful, hypnotic connection is created as the body so closely imitates and follows the rhythm of the drum. Crisp shimmies, popping and locking sequences, layering, level change, turns and dips that catch the ‘Dum’ and ‘Tek’ just in time. But we focus on more than technique, emphasizing the expression and joy that is the essence of this style. This is an open level workshop but prepare to be challenged (and break a sweat!)
​                    12:15-1:30 
instructor: Aida 

   The word 'baladi' means native/of the country.  Traditional movements are gently flirtatious, bouncy and folksy. This style is about everyday life and people. It can be theatrical, using gestures and body language to tell a story.  Baladi is an expression of people's roots, exposing love, joy, happiness but also pain and sorrow. 
​                        11:00-12:15 
                instructor: Aida  



Samba is a powerful and energetic dance starting with a simple step pattern and layered from there with a lot of personal style and creativity. This workshop will be great for anyone who wants to strengthen their posture and presence, sharpen hip work and traveling moves, and get a great workout: Samba offers these qualities in a way that benefits most any other dance style you do!

                  4:00 -5:30
              instructor: setsuna 

   A little bit smoother than your typical hip hop class. This open level class will teach movement combinations that can be altered and used in any dance that features strong percussive beats with chill melodies. 

           instructor: Setsuna 

Location: Central Dance Studios, 260 Queen st (above Mcdonalds) 
Victoria st car park is a 2 minute walk away, $2/hour on the weekends 

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       $35 single pass   
      $60 for two workshops
      $100 full day pass (a saving of $40)
  To purchase a pass please pay to Auckland Belly Dance Ltd 06-0115-0428787-00
  please note: purchases are non refundable. Door sales will be available unless the class is sold out prior.